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Founded in 2016, the Amadgaran Business Chain Management Institute is a private consulting and research institute managed by a group of a highly experienced Iranian professionals and university professors of logistics and supply chain management (SCM). Our services are mostly centered on logistics, supply chains, and business networks and span three edges: 1) research, 2) training, and 3) consulting. but is open to any international cooperation and collaboration.  We are actively seeking collaboration with international companies that are willing to share their experiences and knowledge in logistics and SCM projects while benefiting from the Iran’s emerging market. Accordingly, we aim at serving as the primary knowledge hub that links the customers and logistics service providers.

Our main objectives are:

  • To stimulate and support logistics and SCM research projects adapted to real-world applications arising in Iranian industries,
  • To design, formation, and continuously enhance the logistics and SCM curriculum,
  • To become as the reference point for Iran’s “logistics and supply chain” knowledge base, and
  • To serve as an active contributor to logistics and SCM projects in the region
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