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Main Focuses

  • Development and production of decision-making support systems related to logistics, supply chain management, and business networks.
  • E-commerce activities;
  • Media activities including publishing journals and newsletters, web-based services such as professional file sharing, social networking, etc.
  • Organizing and holding scientific and professional conferences, events, seminars, meetings and exhibitions,
  • Services on management, research, consulting, training, and educating,
  • Developing and promoting logistics, supply chain management, and business networks knowledge,
  • Collaborating with Iranian industries and research institutions as well as international organization and industries,
  • Serving as an active partner of world-known international consultants and industries in Iran,
  • Conducting comprehensive feasibility study from different perspectives (financial and technical) regarding logistics, SCM, and business networks,
  • Managing and supervising real-world logistics, SCM, and business network projects and programs,
  • Participating in related events, associations, forums and networks,
  • Designing, planning and holding related short-term courses and educational services,
  • Designing and developing logistics standards in Iran,
  • Designing, measuring, analyzing, and issuing logistics and supply chain indices and metrics;
  • Marketing activities,
  • Collecting and exchanging scientific and research references,
  • Communicating and cooperating with Iranian and International scientist and professionals working on logistics, SCM, and business networks.
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