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۴th issue of “Logistics and Business Networks” Journal was published

AMADGARAN institute published the 4th issue of “Logistics and Business Networks” Journal in 96 pages (February and March 2017).

We read these articles in this issue:

  • Nuclear agreement (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), Ministry of transportation, Customs organization and Private sector are main drivers of significant improvement of Iran in Logistics (Logistics Performance Index)
  • The 2nd Iran Logistics Think-tank meeting
  • A survey results about the effects of “Internet of Things” on Transportation and Logistics
  • Expert Session: What is the capacity of transportation transit from Iran? Challenges and Solutions
  • Understanding the business model of SNAP: an Iranian technology company for civil transportation using a  as a mobile taxi app.
  • Understanding GS1 standards and its applications on logistics and supply chain management
  • Introducing a leading 3PL company: UPS
  • Introducing 7-Eleven: an international chain of convenience stores
  • Introducing the concept of “Reinsurance”
  • Introducing different types of “Conveyors”
  • Presenting the Logistics sector in Turkey
  • Scientific Paper: Optimizing distribution and warehousing systems in “home appliances” industry (Case study: Goldiran Logistics Company)
  • Knowledge-pool of logistics and supply chain: Introducing Book, Journal, Website, Dissertation, Project, Company, Research Center, Software, and Etc.

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